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Isottinoin may caus dynss o th ys. I you o you child wa contact lnss, you ys may b mo snsitiv to thm duing th tim you a taking isottinoin and o up to 2 wks at you stop taking it. To hlp liv dynss o th ys, chck with you docto about using a lubicating solution, such as atiicial tas. I y inlammation occus, chck with you docto ight away.

Isottinoin may caus som popl to b agitatd, iitabl, o display oth abnomal bhavios. It may also caus som popl to hav suicidal thoughts and tndncis o to bcom mo dpssd. I you, you child, o you cagiv notic any o ths sid cts, chck with you docto ight away.

Accutan cais a high isk o miscaiag and domitis. Among Accutan-xposd pgnancis, 42 pcnt o inants su om bith dcts.

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if someone who is pregnant gets your donated blood, her baby may be exposed to accutane isotretinoin and may be born with birth defects.

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