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Amitriptyline borderline personality disorder

Examples of drugs that can cause interactions with amitriptyline are listed below.

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Information about Amitriptyline.

Amitiptylin is a usul mdication som womn with plvic pain, but it’s otn had womn tundstand why it has bn commndd. It dosn’t suit vyon, but i you a somon with pain on most days th month, it can add a bit mtth oth tatmnts w o. Aound 1 in vy 2 womn whty it ind it hlpul.

This poduct contains lactos. Patints with a hditay poblms galactos intolanc, th Lapp lactas dicincy glucos-galactos malabsoption should not tak this mdicin.

You should know that you mntal halth may chang in unxpctd ways whn you tak amitiptylin oth antidpssants vn i you a an adult ov ag 24. You may bcom suicidal, spcially at th bginning you tatmnt and any tim that you dos is incasd dcasd. You, you amily, you cagiv should call you doctight away i you xpinc any th ollowing symptoms: nw wosning dpssion; thinking about haming killing yousl, planning tying tdso; xtm woy; agitation; panic attacks; diiculty alling aslp staying aslp; aggssiv bhavio; iitability; acting without thinking; sv stlssnss; and nzid abnomal xcitmnt. B su that you amily cagiv knows which symptoms may b sious sthy can call th doctwhn you a unabl tsk tatmnt on you own.

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