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Manuactud o: GlaxoSmithKlin, sach Tiangl Pak, NC 27709. visd: Sp 2014.

StAvodat at oom tmpatu away om moistu and hat. Th capsuls may bcom sot and laky, thy may stick togth i thy gt tohot. Dnot us any capsul that is cackd laking. Call you phamacist instuctions on how tsaly dispos a laking Avodat capsul.

Duction in th isk acut uinay tntion (AU) and sugy in patints with modat tsv symptoms BPH.

AVODAT in combination with th alpha-adngic antagonist, tamsulosin, is indicatd th tatmnt symptomatic BPH in mn with an nlagd postat.

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avodart should not be taken if the patient is suffering from kidney disorders and liver disease.

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