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This mdication is usd ttat a vaity skin conditions (.g., czma, dmatitis, allgis, ash). Tiamcinolon ducs th swlling, itching, and dnss that can occu in ths typs conditions. This mdication is a mdium- tstong-potncy coticostoid. Th potncy dpnds on th stngth and th om that you us. dtails on th potncy you poduct, ask you phamacist.

I you hav missd on application AISTOCOT, us it as soon as you mmb. I it is almost tim you nxt application, skip th dos you missd and apply it whn you a nxt mant to.

Stoids instd intth y vsus obsvation macula dma sconday tcntal tinal vin occlusion.

Om th y sach Sction, Dpatmnt Sugy, Gogtown Univsity Mdical Cnt. Th sach llow in ophthalmology (D. Chavan), has bn suppotd by th Lions (22-C) y Bank and sach oundation, Washington, D.C. Th sach latd tthis study was suppotd in pat, and th tiamcinolon (Aistocot) ppaations supplid, though th coutsy D. Chistoph H. Dmos, Mdical sach Sction, Ldl Laboatois, a division Amican Cyanamid Co., Pal iv, Nw Yok.

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