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Hpatic sid cts hav includd a cass hpatitis, cholstasis, and lvatd AST (SGOT) and ALT (SGPT). Glutamic oxalactic tansaminas is lasd at intamuscula injction sits; thincasd SGOT is not ncssaily a hpatic sid ct.

Hypsnsitivity actions hav includd uticaial ash, ythma multiom, xoliativ dmatitis, sum sicknss-lik actions, dma, hypotnsion, v, osinophilia, dyspna, intstitial nphitis, Hnoch-Schonlin pupua, ocal glomulonphitis, Stvns-Johnson syndom, bullous pmphigoid, hypsnsitivity myocaditis, toxic pidmal ncolysis, and ixd dug uptions. Anaphylaxis is a (up t0.2%), but is mcommon in patints civing pantal ampicillin thapy. ythmatous uptions hav bn potd in patints with inctious mononuclosis whw givn ampicillin.

7. Caig WA, Gb AU “Woldwid xpinc with bacampicillin administd twic a day.” v Inct Dis 3 (1981): 171-7.

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