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Nvidnc incasd incidnc tumos was ound in th mic ats at up t400 mg/kg/day 20 mg/kg/day spctivly (2 tims and 0.2 tims th commndd human dos on a body suac aa basis).

Albndazol is apidly convtd in th liv tth pimay mtabolit, albndazol suloxid, which is uth mtabolizd talbndazol sulon and oth pimay oxidativ mtabolits that hav bn idntiid in human uin. ollowing oal administation, albndazol has not bn dtctd in human uin. Uinay xction albndazol suloxid is a minlimination pathway with lss than 1% th dos covd in th uin. Biliay limination psumably accounts a potion th limination as vidncd by biliay concntations albndazol suloxid simila tthos achivd in plasma.

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