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Pariet is contra-indicated in pregnancy and during breast feeding see section 4.

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Information about Pariet.

Infections Difficulty sleeping Headache or feeling dizzy Coughrunny nose or sore throatpharyngitisEffects on your stomach or gut such as stomach paindiarrhoeawindflatulencefeeling sicknauseabeing sickvomitingor constipation Aches or back pain Weakness or flu-like symptoms Benign polyps in the stomach.

The way to take this medicineOral Store below 25 degrees Celsius Do not Refrigerate Lifetime is 2 Years.

You are allergichypersensitiveto rabeprazole sodiumor any of the other ingredients of this medicinelisted in Section 6You are pregnant or think that you are pregnant You are breast feeding.

The way to take this medicineOral Store below 25 degrees Celsius Do not Refrigerate Lifetime is 2 Years.

Always take this medicine exactly as your doctor has told youCheck with your doctor or pharmacist if you are not sure.

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