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The combination a person takes depends on which genotype they havewhether they have been treated beforethe amount of liver injury and other issues.

1Fattovich GGiustina GDegos Fet alMorbidity and mortality in compensated cirrhosis type Ca retrospective follow-up study of 384 patientsGastroenterology 1977112:463-74Links

Hep C is a disease of the liver that is caused by a virusA virus is a very tiny germ that infects a cell and causes the cell to makes copies of the virus in a process called replicationThe hepatitis C virus has at least six different strainswhich are also known as genotypes.

Roche has received approval from the Medicines Control AgencyMCAfor its proprietary ribavirinCopegusCopegus is now available for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C in combination with the recently launched Pegasys40 KD peginterferon alfa-2aor Roferon Ainterferon alfa-2a

If you are a womando not take ribavirin if you are pregnantYou will need frequent pregnancy tests to make sure you are not pregnant while taking ribavirin.

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possible unwanted side effects of copegus ribavirin include .

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