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Over-the-counter treatments can help get rid of the fungus that causes jock itchOther medications may help soothe the itching while the rash is still present.

I want to use minoxidil and finasteride topical please tell me its side effects whether they are temporary or not.

Hair thinning and loss of hair is very common in today’s lifestyleExcessive stressanxietylack of sleepa poor diet can be listed as the major environmental culprits but genetics too plays an important role in premature hair lossThere are plenty of hair growth products that promise results but very few workHere are some effective hair re-growth treatments that have been proven to be successful.

As mentionedjock itch is a fungusessentially a yeast infectionAs the name impliesthe primary characteristic is an itchiness which can be quite severe at timesJock itch is not especially seriousbut it can be very annoying.

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