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Figure 1 mean r-oxybutynin plasma concentrations following three doses of ditropan 5 mg administered every 8 hours for 1 day in 23 healthy adult volunteers.

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Information about Ditropan.

Please tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking or have recently taken any other medicinesThis includes medicines you buy without a prescriptionincluding herbal medicinesThis is because Ditropan Tablets can affect the way some other medicines workAlso some medicines can affect the way Ditropan Tablets works.

The usual dose is 2.5mg twice each day Your doctor may decide to increase this to 5mg twice each day.

The usual dose is one 5-mg tablet two times a dayThe maximum recommended dose is one 5-mg tablet three times a day.

Overdosage with oxybutynin chloride has been associated with anticholinergic effects including central nervous system excitatione.grestlessnesstremorirritabilityconvulsionsdeliriumhallucinationsflushingfeverdehydrationcardiac arrhythmiavomitingand urinary retentionOther symptoms may include hypotension or hypertensionrespiratory failureparalysisand coma.

Each tablet contains 2.5 mg or 5mg of the active substanceoxybutynin hydrochlorideThe other ingredients lactosecellulosecalcium stearate and indigo carmineE132

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