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Nicotinell patches are indicated in pregnant and lactating women making a quit attempt.

If you have relapsed in the past or if you experience cravings while using a single form of nicotine replacement therapyNRTyou can combine the use of Nicotinell patch with Nicotinell chewing gum 2 mg.

Secondlythere is the physical addiction to nicotine to considerCigarettes contain nicotine and your body has become dependent on nicotine.

When using Nicotinell Step 1 patchchew one piece of Nicotinell chewing gum 2 mg if you get a cravingUse at least 4 pieces of gum and not more than 12 pieces in a dayContinue for 12 weeks.

Persistent cigarette smokers usually have a nicotine addictionThis addiction has a chronic relapsing and sometimes remitting course and may persist.

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