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Medicine chest anacin, dristan, preparation h and advil.

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Ask a doctphamacist i it is sa you ttak this mdicin i you hav oth mdical conditions, spcially:

Th commndd dos this poduct contains about as much cain as a cup co. Limit th us cain-containing mdications, oods bvags whil taking this poduct bcaus tomuch cain may caus nvousnss, iitability, slplssnss, and, occasionally, apid hat bat.

Cain is usd in this poduct tincas th pain living cts aspiin and cain.

Th dmonstation sgmnt dpictd th boxs insid th outlin th skull th pson with th hadach; on containd a pounding hamm, anoth a coiling sping, and th thid, a jaggd lightning bolt. Tiny bubbls Anacin livd ach ths as thy mad thi way up om th stomach tth had in an illustation th hadach-su’s toso.

Dissolv th powd vscnt tablt in at last 4 ouncs wat. Sti and dink this mixtu ight away.

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