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Popl may alsb givn low-dos aspiin i thy hav th ollowing isk actos, and i th doctblivs th is a chanc hat attack stok:

Unndd mdications should b disposd in spcial ways tnsu that pts, childn, and oth popl cannot consum thm. Howv, you should not lush this mdication down th toilt. Instad, th bst way tdispos you mdication is though a mdicin tak-back pogam. Talk tyou phamacist contact you local gabag/cycling dpatmnt tlan about tak-back pogams in you community. S th DA’s Sa Disposal Mdicins wbsit (http://goo.gl/c4m4p) minomation i you dnot hav accss ta tak-back pogam.

I you a taking psciption aspiin, dnot lt anyon ls tak you mdication. Ask you phamacist any qustions you hav about illing you psciption.

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